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  • ISBN: 9781513639758

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    Connectivity 1: English for Information System





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    Connectivity 1: English Language for Information Technology
    This textbook is designed for first-year non-native speakers of English doing undergraduate degrees in information technology (information system, computer engineering and computer science). It aims to help these students become more proficient readers and writers and to fill any essential reading and writing skills gaps from high school, in order to prepare them for extensive essay writing and
    academic research. The skills taught are transferable and useful in various fields.

    The textbook consists of four units. Each unit consists of four sections: Vocabulary, Language Focus, Reading and Writing. First, the Vocabulary Section paves the way for better reading and writing of the unit. Words taught in this section are of high frequency; even the ones related to IT are in fact required in mundane life even by non-IT specialists. This is followed by Language Focus, a section which contains illustrations of specific language rules, examples and exercises. The Language Focus sections cover major grammar and language issues that are fundamental and used intensively in reading and writing. In the Reading Section, the textbook uses IT-related examples or sentences that can be used in conversational contexts. The passages are on IT-related advances but are not technical texts, something which makes the reading skills obtained from them beneficial to students in a more general way. Finally, the Writing Section provides tasks that are carefully designed and linked to make use of the Language Focus in the same unit;they are also beneficial for students following other university courses. The appendices contain additional information and details that may be needed by some students.

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    Lamya Alkooheji

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