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  • ISBN: 9781513640334

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    I am Kara Thorn if you read this story you'll move through my life, starting at the beginning where I am a naïve young 16-year-old. Follow my encounters' starting with my first time, Cory Barnes an older guy by a few years, attractive and offering me everything, but apparently not just me. I got burnt by this experience so I became a survivor, dramatic? Maybe a little but I stopped letting anyone control me.

    As I grew older I became flirtatious and enchanting and could make guys feel comfortable and safe in my company, using this gift I would seduce them, and always end up being the one to say good night. Until I started getting feelings; well doesn’t that make things complicated?

    I had a bad habit of falling for the bad boys. Until I met Sebastian Hunter, boy didn’t he steal my heart! He opened me up in more ways than one to a world of swinger's parties and secret gatherings.

    Hunter empowered me, made me believe I could trust in a relationship, I fell in love with him; we had fun alone and with company. Now the only trouble was he declared that he was prepared to give up 'parties' to pursue a 'normal' relationship with me. Had I finished experimenting or was this just the beginning? More importantly, did I want to commit to Hunter?

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    Meli Ford

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