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  • ISBN: 9781513640501

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    Casca 49: The Lombard





  • Description:

    Casca returns to Italy to settle an old score with an old enemy.

    Retreating to the wildlands north of Italy, Casca becomes one of the tribe of the Lombards and lives amongst them for years, partaking in their wars and taking one of their women as his.

    But his past cannot be kept from him and when news arrives that Narses, his former enemy and a member of the hated Brotherhood of the Lamb, has invited the Lombards into Italy, Casca knows he must seek his old adversary out and bring him to justice. The kind of justice that only the Brotherhood and he understands.

    Before this is possible, he must learn of Narses’ hiding place, and the man who can give him that is the commander of the enemy garrison in Ravenna, and also his adopted son.

    So Casca sets off on a mission of many layers with the woman he loves, and the two must fight against almost all factions within Italy if they are to finally hunt down the evil Narses.

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    Fiction: Historical Fiction


    Tony Roberts

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