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  • ISBN: 9781513641027

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    You Have the Power to Heal - A Guide to Change Life Stories





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    Yes, you can find the joy and happiness that you desire to experience, despite all that life has created in the way of personal trials. It is time to take up the challenge of implementing a better path forward. Our days are riddled with pain and suffering, -past, present and certainly to come. I want to invite you to travel the road I have discovered, in hopes it will offer insight in times of hardship and uncertainty. When you enter into this way of thought, I hope you will see how simple it is to work with the energies in finding the answers you seek. Be it discovering the mind and body healing connection, a greater sense of spirituality, better relationship ties, or an elevated feeling of peace and wellbeing in your home and life. We are all capable of finding the answers we chase after relentlessly. I would like to offer an unconventional approach to healing all that has created suffering in your heart. Let’s begin to demystify all that your mother refused to talk about! In this non-denominational, energetic healing approach, you will be given instructions to address all layers of pain within your Being and achieve a greater sense of connection to your higher power. This will not be an easy road to travel, but in utilizing self discipline, you will find the joy you desire. By doing so, I hope you will experience an abundant life moving forward. Happiness is a Discipline!

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    Melissa Merritt

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