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  • ISBN: 9781513642253

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    Bedrolls, Bushes and Beaches





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    Against the backdrop of the Vietnam War – with the ongoing saga of his draft status and other historical events of the time – Ron White’s adventures, at home and in numerous locations around the world, began with a schoolboy yearning to travel. His quest was to explore the world as well as to escape. With the tragic loss of several of his best friends, and being the victim of endless abuse at home, it was travel and music that kept him sane.

    If you lived during this era, the pages of this inspirational book drip with nostalgia; if you’re too young, then you can be wonderfully entertained as you learn about the world of the 1960’s. The hippie era was one of peace and love, but for Ron at times, the opposite was also true. However, his friends, his travels and music galvanized him, until he finally achieved his dream of circumnavigating the world at age 22.

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    Ron White

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