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  • ISBN: 9781513642727

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    Code Pink-Dr. Tara Ross Series Volume 4





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    When OB Dr. Tara Ross secretly deliver’s a New York senator’s granddaughter in suburban Brewster Medical Center, all goes smoothly until the baby becomes ill, necessitating her admission to the neonatal intensive care nursery. Complicating her granddaughter’s guarded condition, a violent gang threatens the senator’s life for her stance in illegal immigration that directly impacts the gang’s recruitment pool.

    Captain Jeffrey Corrigan, former head of a NYPD homicide squad, and now captain of the Brewster PD, and Tara’s devoted husband, would rather be solving a nail-biting case rather than spending his and his squad’s time mixing it up with the glut of media arriving once the birth of senator’s grand daughter is leaked to the press, but once he’s notified of the threat aimed at the senator’s life, he springs into action to protect her. Confident he has a safe hiding place for the senator, Jeffrey and his longtime sidekick and now lieutenant, Mike Price, embark on a conjoined sting with the FBI and ICE to uproot the gang’s Long Island nest. Their main target is the notorious machete- yielding gang leader.

    But when the operation nets member’s of his gang, the leader vows revenge and orders the kidnapping of the senator’s granddaughter to smoke out the senator and to capture Jeffrey in retaliation for the loss of his men.

    Unable to reconcile with the missing, sick baby she delivered and with Jeffrey and Mike’s dangerous mission to take down the ruthless gang leader, Tara and her policewoman daughter, Abbie, risk stumbling into gang territory.

    It’s a showdown to the death when the gang leader demands the ultimate payback

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    Fiction: Thriller


    Tanya Goodwin

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    pre-order. Live 11/23 with price 5.99 and 377 pages update

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