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  • ISBN: 9781513642796

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    Careful What You PREY For





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    Nestled along the Tar River, sets Barrett's Cove. A quaint and quiet town in Barrett County, located on the outskirts of the bustling college city of Greenville, North Carolina. B.C.'s most popular resident, Prosecutor Vivian Washington, is the youngest and first African American woman in the county's history, to hold the position.
    During the week, Vivian is known around town as a very professional and dignified representative of the Barrett County judicial system. On the weekend however, the all-work-and-no-play Ms. Washington transforms into Viv, the party hearty, girl gone wild. She stumbles upon more than she can handle when she sets her sights on the B.C.'s newest resident and BCPD detective, Adrian Porter. A new transplant from Wake County, Detective Porter is very attractive, mysterious, and also...very married.
    Upon meeting the new detective, Vivian finds herself inexplicably drawn to him, immediately making overt gestures to lure Adrian to her bed. Proving to be a worthy adversary, Detective Porter is just as ellusive as he is attractive. After several unsuccessful advances and turning a deaf ear to the warnings of her family, friends, and even Adrian himself, Vivian continues down her path of sexual depravity. In the near future, however, Vivian's world will come crashing down around her as she comes to the realization that everything that looks good to her is not always good FOR her.
    Sometimes, it's best to leave well enough alone!

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    Fiction: Mystery


    Jodaea Minor-White

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