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  • ISBN: 9781513643052

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    Kevin Martinez and the Crimson Knights; A Game of Mirrors





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    Kevin Martinez is a normal middle-school nerd—he’s smart, he’s bullied, and he’s got a crush on a girl who is way out of his league. He and his friends get together weekly, to play their favorite game, Dungeons and Dragons, and have just recruited a brand new member to their group. Halloween night had been good, Kevin’s crush had joined them for trick or treating, and they had scored tons of candy. The fun soon ends, however, when they are cornered and bullied into entering the infamous ‘House on Crimson Street’—an abandoned house whose previous owners disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Inside, Kevin and his bully tormentor, the vicious Zander Jeffers, are transported into the world of Derathiel; a beautiful but besieged medieval land in the midst of a war. Leading the carnage is a mysterious, cloaked horseman named Raven, who controls an army of dark warriors who transform their victims into petrified wood-like zombies. But Derathiel has hope, in the form of a young knight with a flaming sword and a mysterious past, who befriends Kevin and his friends. Soon, the evils from Derathiel begin to spill over into Kevin’s home town in Colorado. Along with his friends, Kevin must race to solve the mystery of the Crimson House and assist Jey in Derathiel’s defense. Will they prevent their hometown from falling to the same plague of death afflicting Derathiel? Book one of the epic Crimson Knights saga is a tale of adventure, heartbreak, humor, friendship, and mystery.

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    Fiction: Fantasy


    Mike Torres

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