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  • ISBN: 9781513644387

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    Walking with the Serpent





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    Walking With the Serpent is more than a memoir: it is an adventure story that takes you deep into the Amazon jungle and the inner world of Ayahuasca, the testimony of a man who casts aside doubt and follows his own intuition.

    Dennis Notten abandons his successful Western life as a professional classical bassoonist in pursuit of deeper truth. Trusting the guidance he received in a dream, Dennis journeys across South America and into the Amazon, where he meets a one-armed medicine man named Don Luis. And suddenly his journey takes on a whole new shape. Dennis and Luis embark on a mentorship that guides Dennis to depths he had never imagined—depths of the jungle, of his consciousness, and of humanity as a whole.

    Along the way, Dennis meets enormous snakes, partakes in countless ceremonies, and enters into a brotherhood with the Yawanawá Tribe. Walking With the Serpent grants access to the deep knowledge of native Amazonian plant life, ancient Yawanawá wisdom, and their never-before-published sacred creation stories.

    Walking With the Serpent is enthralling and thought-provoking—awakening our innate calling to reach deeper into our souls and seek our own powerful truths. Dennis invites us all to remember our Oneness, to dream together once again.

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    Dennis Notten

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