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  • ISBN: 9781513644899

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    Vernon The Witch, Book 3 (CT Fights For Her Life)





  • Description:

    CT’s in for the fight of her life as Vernon the Witch has found her way back from the land of the dead. After turning the magic age of twelve it’s not been the year CT had imagined it would be. She’s having headaches and blackouts. They had been told by Queen Fia, that Vernon had died centuries ago. Even though she and Grasshopper started seeing this Witch’s Ghost they hadn’t given it much thought. When you’ve seen Trolls, Fairies, two other Ghost and started developing strange powers like CT had, what was another spirit to her?

    There’s a mysterious new kid in town named Lil John, who says he’s come to help them. Who is he and why do they feel all warm and fuzzy when he’s around? What makes him so powerful? And why is Vernon afraid of him?

    There’s a black cloud hanging over CT’s house and someone could get seriously hurt, maybe worse. As the fight progresses it becomes clear that she may not be the only one in danger. Vernon could destroy them all; except for Lil John that is.
    CT will get a crash course on some new emotions in forging relationships as she and Grasshopper both fight for their lives this summer. Will they manage to destroy Vernon before she destroys them?

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    Fiction: Fantasy


    Sherry Lee

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    Ongoing, Chasing The Lights Series for YA/Tween/Gen Reading

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