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  • ISBN: 9781513646107

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    Night Journey of the Soul: A Gothic Adventure Gamebook





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    In this story, you the reader make choices and take chances as you hunt evil’s spawn during the 1930s.

    You are a flawed hero battling horrors in a dangerous world of broken streetlights and lost souls. You know your vile vampiric foes. You’ve got gear and a few cantrips. Can you rescue abducted townsfolk and clear an undead nest? Can you redeem yourself? Will you even live to see dawn or will madness claim you?

    The stage is an abandoned church in an alternate world akin to Earth. You’ve got familiar conveniences but beyond the bright busy streets there’s magic, and monsters lurk ready to snatch the unwary. Your arsenal includes a gun, sword and stake, strong wine, light bombs, heaven radio, the ghost of your old mutt Frisk, and a few friendly “pact spirits” that can lend you their might against dark forces.

    This gothic adventure gamebook is part fiction, part game. It’s for one reader-player or several. It’s organized as four-dozen scenes along a dramatic arc. Some scenes are optional while others task you to fight inner nightmares as well as outer ones. All are harrowing or horrific. Scenes are chock-full of rich description and dialogue, offer tactical choices, and deliver to you the consequences of failures and successes.

    Features pact magic: the summoning of ancient broken spirits of yore.

    This is a stand-alone product that requires at least one standard die (6-sides) and ideally a 20-sided die to resolve the many challenges throughout. To track your health, sanity, gear, and treasure, you also get a simple character sheet that you can print.

    Includes suggestions to implement the adventure using Radiance RPG or your favorite tabletop roleplaying game.

    This gamebook is for ages 12+.

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    Fiction: Horror


    Dario Nardi

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    Interactive Fiction (Gamebook)

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