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  • ISBN: 9781513646565

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    I am with you always





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    In a world that’s continuously moving and pulling our attention towards screens, materialism, and instant everything; humanity is faced with some of its biggest social, religious, and environmental challenges in history. It's in this beautifully rendered contemporary view of Christianity that change begins right here, right now, within ourselves. Through biblically inspired mindfulness-meditation practices and conviction in the savior who is always with us, Pastor Rese Largent compassionately inspires the reader to open up their hearts and live a more mindful life in Christ, as he quotes:

    The more you bring your attention to present moment while cultivating your awareness of the power of Christ within you: life will become more meaningful, and possibilities that weren't recently a part of your awareness will become apparent, making you feel favored and closer to God. Jesus is always with you, but if your mind is constantly ruminating over the past or anxious about the future, we might fail to appreciate the miracle of the present moment. You are blessed beyond your wildest dreams, you just gotta be mindful of it: every inhale is a miracle and every exhale is a celebration of life. — from the Intro

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    Adult Education


    Ryse Largent

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