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  • ISBN: 9781513646626

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    Victory Betting: Maximizing returns in horse race betting with conditional systems





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    This book is written for those, who already have basic knowledge of horse racing and want to enhance their betting skills. The book introduces the development of a variety of conditional systems relating to different bets such as Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5 and pick 6. It also provides two reasons why it can be just as rewarding to select a template for five out of six winners in the races presented as a Pick 6, based on given conditions, andchallenging possibilities of hitting all six winners in six races.
    In conditional wagering, a bettor sets a minimum of one or two favorite horse numbers – (refer to program), at three or more points post time, before bet will be processed.
    If those conditions aren’t met, the bet is not won.
    Conditional systems in betting give you more chances to win any of these wagers, and based on this strategy bettor or bettors can select the same number of horses using a smaller amount of money rather than calculate a similar bet utilizing the typical way of betting. The ability to use conditional systems helps you to improve odds just by playing smart. To win any bets, moreover, it is essential that the conditions are met, and it’s also crucial that you choose the right horses.

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    Faro Limaj

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