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  • ISBN: 9781513646749

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    The 59 keys for understanding the beginning of life





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    "The 59 keys for understanding the beginning of life" presents a coherent theory of the origin of life on Earth. According to the author, life cannot be understood solely on the basis of one scientific discipline and therefore, among many areas, he chose those issues which, in his opinion, are the most important in understanding the mystery of life. There are 59 of them and they come from: logic, set theory, systems theory, stability theory, philosophy, automation, chemistry, biology, information theory, cybernetics, mathematical game theory, evolutionism, mathematical analysis and, what is very important, economics.

    According to the author, knowledge of these disciplines is needed to understand what is going on in all aspects of life, from the molecular level to the human – social level. At the same time, you do not need to thoroughly study all these departments of science, you just need to know these 59 keys to understand the mystery of life.

    The reader will find interesting answers in this book, for questions that have not yet been asked. Life was not created, as Richard Dawkins said, by a "happy chemical accident" or as Jacek Szostak stated, "somehow". According to the author, the emergence of life on earth is an inevitable consequence of the properties of certain chemical particles and processes that these particles have activated...

    We invite all enthusiasts wondering what life is and how it could have been created. We guarantee a solid dose of scientific knowledge and many innovative thoughts that noone has ever written before. "59 keys ..." can be strongly recommended to any fan of such evolutionists as Richard Dawkins, Edward O. Wilson, Robert Wright and Jared Diamond, and creationists like Perry Marshall.

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    Jan Kuban

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