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  • ISBN: 9781513646824

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    For Melody's Child





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    Melody and Dexter shared a true love that was soulful and passionate. But, their relationship was to change and precious embryos would precariously hang in the balance of time.

    This is a story about a woman’s struggle to have a child.

    Can Love conquer all? Melody thought she had found romance and true love with Dexter, the kind of love that would prevail against the test of time. However, this love led her to have IVF, and now she has to protect her unborn child. Does she have the strength to combat every obstacle to find a way to save her unborn child? If she wins this struggle, is she brave enough to follow through and bring her child into the world by herself?

    This is a story of a woman’s quest to become a mother, and spans over three continents. It is a story full of passion, sacrifice, unrelenting courage, unfaltering hope and a bonded love between a mother and her child, way before her child was even born.

    Melody goes from strength to strength and grows in character. Will she have the grit and impermeable determination to bring her child to life?

    Not only is this an emotionally moving fiction novel, but it also gives some insight into what it can be like for a woman to bring a child into this world by herself through IVF.

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    Kayla C. McIntyre

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