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  • ISBN: 9781513646985

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    Casca 50: The Commissar





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    Part of the defeated Romanian army in 1917, Casca joins the Russians just as their own forces are falling apart. With revolution looming, the Eternal Mercenary has to decide which side of the rapidly forming opposing sides in the imminent civil war to take.
    Choosing the Red Army, he takes part in the formulative stages of the conflict in the newly-independent Ukraine, advancing and retreating with the fluctuating fortunes of the war.
    It is only when the darker side of Communist doctrine rears its head does Casca, now a commissar in the Soviet forces, turn against his erstwhile comrades, and during the harsh winter of 1919 attempts to flee the civil war as murder and butchery from both sides threaten to overwhelm the region.
    He will have to use all his skills learned over his nineteen centuries of life if he is to escape either side, along with the woman who has joined his effort to get away.

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    Fiction: Historical Fiction


    Tony Roberts

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