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  • ISBN: 9781513647258

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    Challenge Factor - How Mortals Achieve Perfect Success Imperfectly





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    This fictional book records an inspiring one-on-one encounter with an unpopular immortal called Failures (aka Dr. F). Yes, you read that right! Everyone knows Dr. F because mortal human beings forget how many times they've failed. Dr. F shares, “For centuries, I have guided young to old mortals using challenges. The Creator has me on a special 21st century mission called the Challenge Factor. This mission intends to help mortals achieve perfect success imperfectly. Perfect success means mortals overcome many challenges for life. Imperfect achievement means mortals are like a two-sided coin with a head and tail, positive and negative, strong and weak, happy and sad, and so on. To deal with the two-sided condition, I will share how to focus using a positive-balanced perspective. Mortal brain activity confirms how powerfully focusing blocks out distractions. As mortals fear me less, they respond perfectly to challenges. The ultimate mortal mission, if they choose to accept it, will be to display similar miraculous overcoming power like baby mortals their first two years of life. Hopefully, my words inspire mortals to harness the perpetual happiness with learning progress before, during, and after overcoming challenges. I hope young mortals grab hold of their lifelong overcoming destiny too.”

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    Fiction: Adventure


    Avery Austin

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