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  • ISBN: 9781513648224

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    Dalla piazza alla scena: la danza di carattere. Vol. IV Austria e Germania





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    Austria and Germany, two apparently similar nations, actually have largely independent historical roots and, consequently, different cultural physiognomies.
    This volume, the fourth of the journey undertaken by Ioulia Sofina through the choreutic cultures of the world, is therefore opportune: the Central European folklore - as well as its ballet stylization - is not as well known and practiced today as that of Eastern Europe, or the Iberian, or even thet of the Asian East. And yet, scrolling through the pages of this book, you discover small choreographic jewels, marked by a cheerful acrobatic spirit and an inexhaustible sense of humor and supported by lively and captivating music.
    As usual, after a thorough historical and aesthetic introduction, the greater space is granted to the meticulous description of the single steps and to the proposal of some choreographies with an excellent visual impact. Towards the end of the volume, there are the precious musicological notes of Irina Sorokina.

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    Adult Education


    Ioulia Sofina

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