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  • ISBN: 9781513648347

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    The Monk





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    A Catholic Priest talking about Evil is not unusual. However, a Catholic Priest looking directly into the eyes of "Evil" who the Monk calls "The Ugly" is unusual even for the Capitol Hill area of Denver and St. Benedict the Moor's Church. This is just one of the "Spiritual Tests" the Monk faces as he attempts to solve the murder of Julia Lopez with his ex-Partner Det. Sgt. Jack Laskey.
    With political pressure applied by the Governor, the Archbishop of Denver and the Franciscan Provincial, The Monk becomes a "Special Consultant" and helps Laskey solve the "Murder of the Decade" and save Laskey's. Laskey's position was in jeopardy due to his inability to adjust to any Partner other than theMonk. During the course of the investigation the Monk faces the "Ugly" in many forms in the present and confrontations from the past. Those confrontations led the Monk to become a Priest and a "Spiritual Warrior" as well as a "Physical Warrior."
    Leaving the and security of "Our Lady of the Rockies" Orphanage run by his Order, the Monk must return to the streets of Denver and find the killers with Laskey. William Yeats Butler known as "The Monk" on Capitol Hill gave up a promising career in the NFL to become a Policeman. He had been an All-American at Notre Dame and was a local Hero and role model in Denver. Through 10 years with Laskey as his Partner, they worked Patrol, Narcotics and Homicide. They were the "Toughest Cops" on the streets of Denver.
    In their quest they are assisted by Irish/Japanese Officer Mai Li McDuff. Some would say she got the worst of both cultures. "Peaches" the transvestite hooker. "Popcan Charly" a resident of Cheeseman Park. "Mickey" the resturant owner with Mob connections and "Frank" the only "Irish English Bulldog" in Colorado. All this under the watchful eyes of Father Ian Timony and Father Augustus O'Shea.

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    Adult Education


    Timony McKeever

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