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  • ISBN: 9781513648590

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    Olurounbi's Promise, An African Folktale





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    OLUROUNBI’S PROMISE is the story of a young bride, OLUROUNBI and her groom, AYO who did not have a child right after their wedding as the society expected. Therefore, they were subjected to ill-treatment and tormenting. The couple was expected to birth a male child as well to inherit the throne. Finally, they gave birth to a female child which infuriated the paternal grandfather so much he rejected her. After her husband's sudden and tragic death, Olurounbi offered her daughter as a sacrifice to Iroko tree in exchange for wealth to combat her descent into poverty and ignominy. When Olurounbi refused to honor the covenant, Iroko threatened to destroy the town and its people with an earthquake, the townsfolk forced Olurounbi to give up her child. Will she give up her only child to save herself from the towns people’s wrath or bear the brunt of the consequences that are to come from not giving up her child?

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    Adult Education


    Princess Sherifat Akorede

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    Publisher: Royal Heritage Publishing Company

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