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  • ISBN: 9781513649900

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    Step by Step to the REAL HOME





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    Step by Step to the REAL HOME is a practical book that points readers to the real home being heaven through a series of steps. As Christians, the race of life is not over till we cross the winning point and enter heaven. Everyone who desires a closer relationship with Jesus Christ will love this soul touching text of sixteen chapters on sensitive things in the Christian race such as: Repentance; Deliverance; Baptism; Restitution; Life in Christ after Deliverance; the Holy Bible; Time and Place for Meditation on God’s Word; the Trinity; Behaviour, Discipline and Punishment of Christians; Fasting and Prayer; Vows and Oaths; Holy Marriage; the Devil; Backsliding and Growing in Commitment in the Lord.
    This text is so explicit that non-Christians can come to a better understanding of who a Christian is and what is expected from someone with this honourable title (Matthew 7: 16 & 20).

    The arrangement of the different topics and the communication style brings out the message clearly to the targeted audience. It is a piece of work to be treasured and treated with full attention.

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    Mobit Emmanuel Tatangum

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