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  • ISBN: 9781513650074

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    Adventure Of Queen B-Precious Lion And The Godly Avengers





  • Description:

    This up-lifting adventure and an amazing journey of how love is spread and shared among others by the power and teaching of Queen B. She fights to defeat objects that are a life blocker with courage and care for many creatures. This story talks about how some creatures that are chosen will sleep and dream of goals and when sure of what they wish to become and the things that they’ll be doing toward adding beauty to the world they’re granted transformation and become human when accurate. They’re taught they must not only protect themselves but also help protect the other little creatures from perpetrators that hunger’s them for eating. The Godly Avengers will learn that they have greater powers they weren’t aware of and are needed, for what they’re about to encounter!

  • Subject:

    Adult Education


    Willa Beatrix Ross-Patterson

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