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  • ISBN: 9781513650630

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    Sunday Christians (2019)





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    Successful entrepreneur, Xavier Wilson, is finally ready to settle down and share his life with his very own special someone. He believes God has answered his prayers when he meets Phenice Gordon, an ambitious, up-and-coming paralegal at the prestigious law firm of Williams, Greene, and Dunbar in Washington, DC. After a series of chance encounters, fate has finally brought the two of them face-to-face once more at Greater Horizons Baptist Church in Landover, Maryland.

    Ever the hopeful romantic, a smitten Xavier does his best to woo Phenice into his arms. Soon after, Phenice’s past catches up with her at Greater Horizons and she quickly goes from the woman of Xavier’s dreams, to the nightmare he wished he’d never met!

    While enduring this volatile and sometimes violent relationship, Xavier learns that behind some of the smiling faces at Greater Horizons, lie tangled webs of infidelity and deception, causing him to question his life choices as well as his faith.

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    Jodaea Minor-White

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