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  • ISBN: 9781513652917

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    The Human Miind and Patterns of Characters: The Bavecttitude





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    Chapter 6, Part2 : Arousal of feelings and emotions Components impacting the generation of our thoughts and patterns of characters Reasons why individuals have unique behaviors, cultures, lifestyles, beliefs, tastes, habits, and how to accept them TTSN How to treat TTSN How to take control of our thoughts and direct them towards our peace How to identify and eliminate the ignorance, which is inculcated in our Viewjoods How to live in the present Chapter 2, Part 6 : The Pool of Now: The Pool of Now is the best place to look to see what is happening in a human's Miind and body in the moment. All the patterns of characters and communication between the components of the Miind, including the Bavecttitude, happen in the Pool of Now. Whatever you see on planet Earth which has happened, is happening, and will be happening, All the inventions and all the crimes, Every good and bad outcome and aftermath of decisions made by humans, All can be traced back to the Pool of Now of the human concerned. All the actions and events mentioned earlier can be stopped, prevented, or changed in the Pool of Now. Therefore, you could say: Once you manage to direct the events and happenings of the Pool of Now in humans, you will manage to direct the events and happenings on planet Earth or any other place where humans are the decision-makers. As the name suggests, all the events of the Pool of Now happen in the present moment, which is known as Now. The content of the Pool of Now changes as time passes, even during the smallest fraction of a second. These changes can be very small or very big depending on a number of things which we will discuss later. Human behavior is the absolute reflection of what is happening in their Miind in the moment. Observing, understanding, and analyzing occurrences in the Pool of Now are highly skilled jobs. The good news is, there exists a Stage of Now where we can Observe the interpretations of what is happening in the Pool of Now and other components of the Miind. #Atycto #Atycto_of_World_Peace #AWP #Bavecttitude #Bavecttitude_Cliffs #Bavecttitude_Ducts #Bavecttitude_Soils #Bavecttitude_Trees #Blank_thoughts #Communication_Clouds #Crystal_Orb #Doctor_Alien #DoctorAlien #Ita #Itamendimo #Maglish #Miind #Miind_Operation_Fuel #Petesdo #Pool_of_Now #PTSD #Stage_of_Now #STN #The_Human_Miind_and_Patterns_of_Characters #Trigger(s) #Tragedy_on_the_Stage_of_Now #TTSN #viewjood #voiice #Why_Not2B_Nice_When_Its_So_Nice_2B_Nice

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    Omid Nemati

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    Miind Theory

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