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    The Human Miind and Patterns of Characters: The Bavecttitude





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    Bavecttitude Therapy Awareness about the Miind and Bavecttitude are the subdivisions of psychotherapy. This new treatment brings about the ability to control unwanted and unpleasant thoughts and feelings. Especially for the treatment of patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and any person who reflecting on past thoughts leads to unpleasant thoughts and feelings in the present, awareness about the Miind and Bavecttitude can be helpful. Words like Bavecttitude, Viewjood, and Atycto have been re-created for the first time in this paper to express psychological concepts. What happens in the miind and its consequences are described, including the formation of emotions, feelings, and thoughts. Self-awareness of the present and control of thoughts and feelings are the strategies that are offered. Considering different therapies and examining the beliefs, behaviors, and events of the past that affect the present, this psychotherapy seeks to find a suitable strategy for reducing the impact of the past and how the past affects the present situation. Therefore, it has been attempted to develop an integrated model that incorporates both the philosophy of life and the functioning of the mind and is both visible and tangible. It can be concluded that the treatment method of awareness about the Miind and Bavecttitude has many potentials in different aspects than psychotherapy techniques. One of the interesting things about computers is that the Ms-Dos operating system, which was time consuming and intangible, suddenly became a Windows operating system and this was a revolution in the computer industry. Given this, if current psychotherapy practices are anything like Ms-Dos for the computer, Bavecttitude might be considered something like Windows that could make a difference in psy- chotherapy. By studying existing psychotherapy techniques, and examining the structure of aircraft and car engines (in general, engine structure), this approach of- fers a blueprint for the human miind model. The proposed design has various parts, some of which resemble a computer, and some are quite innovative and creative. This approach offers a new philosophy of human life, combining the knowledge of philosophy and the study of the works of great philosophers and understanding their beliefs. In short, the philosophy of human life is that human life is made up of a set of different situations, and that humans are always moving from one situation to another in the course of their lives, from birth to death. Some of the words in this book are familiar to you, but they are heard here in a different way and of course written in a different dictation, such as the miind. In this new philosophy, the set of positions at any given moment is called Atyctoed Collections of Situations (Acos). The Acos route is the line on which a set of Acoss are aligned, the Acos route can represent a moment, a few hours, a few days, or the whole of human life. As such, one

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    Omid Nemati

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    Miind Theory

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