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  • ISBN: 9781513654010

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    A.B.L.E.'s Passport To College Prep





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    In Maronda Parrott’s new book, Passport to College Prep, she takes you on a journey through the in’s and out’s of applying to universities and having a successful college experience. Learn how to get real with yourself, and use who you are and who you want to be, to shape the college experience of your dreams. M. Parrott provides worksheets, taking you step by step to define your future goals, track your application process, and equip you with the skills you need to step out on your own for the first time as a college freshman.But the book doesn’t stop there. M. Parrott shows you how to navigate the new social landscape of a college campus, how to transform your dorm into a comforting haven, and even pinpoints behavior for classroom success.This is an essential tool for any student about to commence on their final year of high school, parents struggling to ready their child for college, and mentors or school officials assisting teens through this intricate process. M. Parrott illustrates how smooth and painless this transition can truly be when you have the right guidance and tools. So it’s time to pack your bags and ready your passport for the greatest adventure of your life! Grab a copy of Passport to College Prep to embark on a voyage to success. You’ve got this!

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    Self Help


    Maronda K. Parrott

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