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  • ISBN: 9781513654126

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    Cassie nurses a broken heart due to the senseless death of her missionary husband. She's angry at God for letting him die, and for not avenging his death in what Cassie considers a timely manner. She decides to take matters into her own hands and avenge his death but needs the help of a mercenary from her past. Once she locates him, Parker wants no part of her plan. Perplexed beyond reason, Cassie can’t understand why. Parker thinks he has Cassie figured out, but three days after Cassie’s appearance at his home, there’s a galactic supernatural display of God’s power in his front yard, and Parker is shown the error of his assumptions. Cassie’s relentless pursuit of vengeance takes her to surprising places, and despite Parker’s objections, he gets pulled into the mission Cassie is convinced will mend her broken heart. As they journey together, a tenuous bond is formed, but surprising revelations threaten their unusual relationship. Can Cassie forgive what she learns about Parker’s part in the death of her husband? Will either Cassie or Parker get what they want while leaving the other one to live with the fallout? Is it possible for either of them to win when someone dies? Is the payoff Cassie and Parker find worth the risks they face? God and Satan battle for the souls of these two fascinating characters in this fast-paced compelling story which includes a mesa vision, a desert oasis, guardian angels and a Mexican drug lord.

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    Madison Willoughby

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