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  • ISBN: 9781513655277

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    Bound by Magic





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    Centuries ago, an unthinkable evil tore two powerful brothers apart. Now a lost prophecy reveals the only thing that can unite them once more... the Sapphire of Raj. Jorja Bennett loves treasure, but more than that, she loves stories of the past. So when she finds out that the gem to a beloved childhood story is real, naturally she has to go searching for it. There's just one problem. She's not the only one after it. Liam has gone rogue. He wants nothing more than to get rid of the hybrid demons and witches who reside in the magical community. To do that he will need the Sapphire of Raj. Its power will allow him to manipulate time, space, and the very fabric of the magical world. But he'll have to battle many others coming for the powerful gem, including the Scriver demons hoping to use the gem to resurrect the two brothers. As the fate of the magical community, and indeed the whole world, hangs in the balance, the Morgan sisters must race against time, not just to claim the stone but to save Josi, Jami, and Jessi whose very lives are at stake.

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    Fiction: Fantasy


    Nicole Coverdale

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