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  • ISBN: 9781513655864

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    Pot of POEMS





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    Poems are not just a collection of beautifully pieced-up words. On the contrary, they represent highly condensed versions of the poet’s innermost thoughts whose sheer depth, magnitude and intended impact would leave one's jaws wide open with amazement when carefully decoded and understood. It is little wonder then, why poetry has always been an integral part of almost every people, culture, religion and civilization, and an incredibly powerful tool employed in transmitting various messages, teachings, etc. from one generation to another. Interestingly, by their very nature poems are often interpreted differently by different people, and this is quite understandable as each poem entails the poet’s emotions, intellect and or aspirations, which are often not necessarily the same as the other person’s. Consequently, different people may relate to the same poem differently. Taking cognizance of this, as I take you on this journey of unleashing the real depths of the thoughts behind each of these poems, not only do I present to you the opportunity to relate to these awe-inspiring works of poetry through your own unique “lens”, but from the author’s perspective as well, with the view to helping you better appreciate them, while concurrently learning from the various issues that they seek to address.

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    Stanley Asasu Anenyemele

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