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  • ISBN: 9781513656502

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    America is the True old World





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    My eBook, “America is the True Old World” (Vol., I), is destined to rewrite the history books, due to the topic of the eBook, if proven correct, because the old world is suppose to be the East and not the West. This eBook reveals the discovery of the Lost Continent of Mu, the discovery of Atlantis, the discovery of the Garden of Eden, and so much more. This eBook has 40 color illustrations to highlight the Beauty of the Old World. This eBook is volume I of a IV volume eBook series that covers 12 chapters, so there is more to come. Volume I, eBook Chapters include: Chapter 1: America is the True Old World (Vol., I); Chapter 2: India Superior was in North America (Vol., I); and Chapter 3: Ancient Sumer was in the Americas (Vol., I).

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    Adult Education


    Amunhotep Chavis El-Bey

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