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  • ISBN: 9781513657097

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    in this Book, the focus will be on redefining the concept of luxury and what it means to us. In the future, luxury will not mean expensive, fancy and branded. As we already know, resources all around the world are becoming scarce. It will not come as a surprise that the fate of humankind appears to be intimately linked to the availability of matter and energy. This is not new. We have to find and develop ways to use them as best as we can. This is where we redefine luxury. Luxury will be the use of material and construction techniques in the best and most sturdy method. We must build to make things last. This is to preserve the remaining resources in the future, and we will be considered as a luxury. we will try to show their ways and solutions to minimize its negative impacts, especially for the future generation and the world. With changing some attitudes that branding systems use and have adapted to, we can provide a method for luxury brands to create value shared by business, communities, individuals, and be control in seizing the opportunities for leadership in the current socio-economic and technological environment and their trajectory for the future.

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    Adult Education


    Siavash Rezaeinasab

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