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  • ISBN: 9781513657516

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    Spirit of the Ancients, Book 1: The Shadow Rising





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    THE LAND IS DYING, the planet’s resources are spilling out and corrupting the world of life with power, greed… and the sombra. Technology is failing. Civilization is at the cusp of rebellion. Life begins to fade as the world of the undead walk amongst the living. Darkness begins to stir, an evil that the world hasn’t faced for two millenia. TSUSKE AND HIS TEAM OF COBRA are on an assignment given to them by the lord emperor and ruler of the world. Specializing in intelligence, reconnaissance and espionage; and even abducting a pregnant woman. They must complete their assignments or face execution. Life as they know it is about to change. Their skill as assassins will be tested like never before. AS THE WORLD CHANGES, will kidnapping the last living Athaian, a natural magical entity, help put the scales of balance back together or will this be the beginning of something even bigger that the world has never faced?

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    Fiction: Fantasy


    Mercedez Rose

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