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  • ISBN: 9781513657530

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    The Last of Her People





  • Description:

    BORN LOOKING DIFFERENT THAN THE OTHER VILLAGERS. HER EYES WERE THOSE OF A MONSTER. Ara. A strange girl born in the mid 19th century. The people of the village had shunned her for all of her strangeness, seeing her as one who possessed the spirit of the black panther—an animal guide that is said to bring lost souls to the fathomless void. A place in the sky where there were no stars.  IT IS 1861, AND THE SHAMAN HAS FORESEEN THE FUTURE: The traders from the water have returned. Her people rejoice as that means that their village will continue to prosper and be seen above all others. There is just one problem for the welcoming party. Ara. ARA IS DIFFERENT. She behaves abnormally compared to those around her. While the women are seeking mates she is off in the forest around the very things her people fear. Her strangeness pushes her away from the people and she is seen to have posession of demonic tendencies. AFTER BEING ACCUSED AS A CHILD FOR THE DEATH OF A MAN, she is sentenced to death by banishment for one month. A fitting punishment for those born of sin. Yet, she survived despite the odds stacked up against her. Now, she is a woman and a demon stalks her every move. Her oddities only attracts the beasts attention. DEALING WITH THE HATRED AND DIRISION OF THE PEOPLE, she now faces another horror to her life. A decision is made without her consent. Ara, unwedded, is seen as an ill omen for the people. She must be paired and soon. But who would have such a strange girl as a mate? MANY EVENTS BEGIN TO UNFOLD AND HER LIFE UNRAVELS INTO UNCERTAINTY. Will there be a man to control the wickedness of her soul? Or will the demon of the forest take her for his own?

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    Fiction: Fantasy


    Jess M. Rose

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