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  • ISBN: 9781513657998

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    The Amorous Adventures of Blondie and Boho (Two East Village Dive Bar Coyotes)





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    The Amorous Adventures of Blondie and Boho” is a love story, but not really their love story.It’s rather about a longtime love affair I have with the East Village, where I’ve lived since 1971. We’re now witness to what seems the end of possibilities for a free-spirited, creative, Bohemian, lifestyle here and sadly watch as it slowly disintegrates around us. Gentrification overwhelms the neighborhood, changing it forever into rows of giant glass ice palaces, built by corporations with money for people with money. The Blondie and Boho characters and their friends represent the artists, writers, musicians,dancers, barflies, dreamers, and assorted East Village crazies, who’ve been my partners in crime, and creativity all these years. A few remain but most are gone from alcohol, AIDS, drugs, incarceration, suicide, or some just gave up and moved on.

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    Fiction: Historical Fiction


    Phillip Giambri

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    Original art by Linda Wulkan

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