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  • ISBN: 9781513658759

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    Duarte: Moulding the Heroes of Escorial





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    “I was completely shocked. The sergeant pulled the young man by the collar and dragged him inside the barracks. He threw his victim to a wooden partition instantly breaking it into pieces. My bunk was just a cubicle away, but I hesitated to be seen looking.” “The lowest ranking cadets, called plebes, helplessly took punches from their immediate seniors, the yearlings. Bodies were chauffeured toward steel bunk beds and cold walls…. That beating was the first physical intimidation for these plebes after hurdling the hell days of Beast Barracks—the first 60 days of cadet training, also called boot camp.” “Startled by the sudden impact, Vidonia, for a split second, felt numbed all over his body. Breathless, he fell off. He embraced his gut hoping to relieve the pain that started creeping in. Then, like a maggot exposed to intense heat from a burning furnace, his body curled with knees folding toward his chest.” World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Falklands War saw the legendary Escorialian soldiers prove their gallantry, valor and heroism. Could it be the way they were trained in the San Victorio Academy that made them fierce fighters? Can hazing in the SanViMa Academy be really justified? Based on real life accounts, “Duarte: Moulding the Heroes of Escorial”, tells the story of military cadets trained in glamour and against adversities during four grueling but unforgettable years.

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    Fiction: Historical Fiction


    Joseph Edward Maximilian

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