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  • ISBN: 9781513659916

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    With Dark Understandings





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    Former Lieutenant and present Opposition Member of Parliament Andres Orce is running for the leadership of his political party. Having earned a reputation as an unconventional politician, the party bosses have become ill-tolerant of his non-partisan direction. Surrounded by candidates that are much more preferred by the party elite, he has to carve out an independent strategy to win. If he succeeds, he is best positioned to lead his party in the upcoming general elections. The major obstacle is the military. It rules with a system of government that differs radically from its constitutional democratic past. Almost four decades of its rule has produced severe economic complications. Orce too has played his part but now is plagued by the battles by his inner demons through his nightmares, which continues to haunt him.It is a do-or-die Political game with vast implications

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    Fiction: Thriller


    Fazle Chowdhury, Puffins Publishers Private Limited

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    Publisher: Puffins Publishers Private Limited

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