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  • ISBN: 9781513660615

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    The Winning Game Plan





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    Get a world-class approach to leading a business, any business, to exceptional and sustained success. Houston Texans President Jamey Rootes shares the principles and ideology that has made the Texans one of the most valuable professional sports franchises, both in the NFL and globally. Every new leadership opportunity you face is a chance to grow as a leader and as a human being. In The Winning Game Plan: A Proven Leadership Playbook For Continuous Business Success, Rootes outlines a world-class approach to leading a business, any business, to exceptional and sustained success. These are the same principles he and his team have implemented for more than twenty years. Through trial, error, and adjustment, these guiding principles will help you deliver breakthrough financial results, a rewarding workplace experience for your team, tremendous customer loyalty, and a reputation as a committed caretaker for your community. Are You a Manager or a Leader? Get the Right People on Your Team Build a Winning Culture A Winning Playbook for Handling Adversity and Success Create Raving Fans Play to Win! Challenges are to be welcomed; they are the impetus for change, learning, and growth. Effectively communicating your expectations and decisive plan results in consistent success. Whether you are leading a new company or department, starting your own enterprise, or flexing your leadership muscles, follow the guidelines in this playbook and you’ll have a reliable set of resources to meet each challenge head-on.

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    Business Management


    Jamey Rootes

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