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  • ISBN: 9781513662237

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    Multidimensional Consciousness And The New Earth





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    The Multidimensional Consciousness is an experiential system and it comes with an intelligence field to the reader. As you connect with the ten principles explained in the book you familiarise yourself with the pillars of this multi-paradigm consciousness system and its intelligence field. The author shares 7 practices in the book to help the reader connect with their internal guidance system and revive the multidimensional quality within this system. Multidimensionality is a forgotten quality. By experiencing the multidimensionality quality, human beings can ignite the conscious dreamer, the visionary and the cosmic project manager within themselves. These are highly needed qualities during the transition of the Planet Earth to the new planetary consciousness. The book is a call for the multidimensional collective to awaken and start dreaming the next phase of humanity.

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    Self Help


    Nusra Sahin

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