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  • ISBN: 9781513663043

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    Dragon Tales - Audiobook CD





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    Track 1 The Mystery of Dragons Running time 5 mins. A lyrical poem to dragons in all their forms - whether terrifying, mysterious or wise and wondrous - dragons are always fascinating... Track 2 Sky Dragons Running time 9 mins. The beautiful fighting sky dragons - exquisitely colourful and decidedly mischievous - watching racing clouds or vibrant red sunsets will never be the same again after listening to this story! Track 3 Dragon Mountain Part 1 Running time 10 mins. Dragon Mountain is a 3 part adventure featuring David and his mission to complete a desperate task to save a loved one. Filled with riddles, mystery and magic - you will be drawn in to the sparkling underground world of the Black Dragon, deep in the bowels of Dragon Mountain. Track 4 Dragon Mountain Part 2 Running time 15 mins. Track 5 Dragon Mountain Part 3 Running time 10 mins. Track 6 My Pet Dragon Running time 4 mins. A cheeky poem to delight any child who's ever dreamt of an invisible friend (with a difference) and the fun, mischief and mayhem they get up to together! Track 7 TallTree Forest Running time 19 mins. The hauntingly atmospheric legend of TallTree Forest. Deliciously spooky, this is the tale of a lively Chinese girl, Lihua - bossy and vain - her latest boast gets her into truly hot water, when she takes up the challenge to hunt Ghost Dragons in TallTree Forest.

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    Fiction: Children


    Sophie Draper

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