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  • ISBN: 9781513663463

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    Dog Gone Fireworks - Los estridentes Fuegoes Artificiales (Dual Language)





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    In Dog Gone Fireworks, we revisit our three Botanical Garden friends during a Fourth of July fireworks show. Lily the duck, Vinny the squirrel, and wait! Where is Vaughn? Vaughn seems to be missing all the fun at the celebration, so Lily and Vinny set out to find their friend. What they learn about their best friend leads Lily and Vinny into working together to find a way to help Vaughn overcome a fearful situation. Every story in the Botanical Adventures series focuses on positive messages and models essential problem-solving skills, wrapped up in an exciting and kid-friendly story. What makes this series unique are the engaging interactive exercises, designed to guide healthy, positive conversations and nurture strong, positive parent*/child relationships. These activities give the reader simple tools to help inspire creative thinking and instill positive learning experiences. We invite you to come join our Botanical Garden crew and have fun learning and growing together! We'll see you soon!

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    Fiction: Children


    Elora Morrison, Rafael Garcia

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