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  • ISBN: 9781513667782

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    AWAKEN THE AURA - Working with colours, energy, and alchemy for your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.





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    A warm welcome to ‘Awaken the Aura’, an alchemic book of creativity, science, and magic! It’s time to get involved in some practical work which plays a part of your new spiritual journey! Awaiting you is a lovely blend of themes such as Energy, Numerology, Crystals, Astrology, the Law of Attraction, Archangels, Moon cycles, Meditation, S.A.D. Other Mystic/Alternative Arts, and so much more. Awaken the Aura’s beautifully flavoursome pages would love to light up your life, intrigue you and enhance your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual rooms. Perhaps you’re on a spiritual journey and sometimes it can be a little stressful and daunting in finding your own way, so why not take a companion with you? This way you won't feel alone, but instead, let the words guide you. You can create your own 'cheat sheet' that can lead you to your own chosen destiny - 'AWAKEN THE AURA' is waiting for you!

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    Sunita Johal

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