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  • ISBN: 9781513667812

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    How Wonder Woman Became a Smuggler





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    Anyone who had a troubled childhood involving domestic violence should read this book. A broken child A scarred woman A wounded mother This is a story of a survivor who thinks she’s winning when she’s losing. The book opens with the heroine as a child at age six who believes she is Wonder Woman. She witnesses the rape of her sister by her father. And as children do, she blames herself for her helplessness. As a teenager and young adult, she is abused by her boyfriend who becomes her husband. Her response to years of being abused first by her father and then her husband follows the classic pattern of the boomerang phenomena in social psychology where the attempt to control her results in the adoption of an opposing position instead. Once she breaks free of her husband, she rejects any restraints on her freedom and leads the life of a lady pirate raising her children in a ma and pa smuggling crime ring. You can tell by her adventures that she wants to be a heroine, but she’s far from it.

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    Edie Little

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