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  • ISBN: 9781513684888

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    Cheese and Chalk





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    Lizzie and Richard, “Chalky” White could hardly be more different. He is an adventurous, strong and practical young man who, in the cauldron of World War II is tested in battles in the Aegean Sea as the British Special Forces harass the invading Germans. He serves on one of the caiques operated behind German lines by the Levant Schooner Squadron. She is a studious university classics professor with a past as an agent in occupied France who had a brief relationship with a female Nazi officer, Irma Schultz, before the war. Under cover in Paris, Lizzie has the misfortune to be recognised by her erstwhile lover, who takes her prisoner. As the Allies advance on Paris, Irma helps Lizzie escape but she is immediately captured and tortured by angry French “tricoteuses”, who, seeing her with Irma, believe her to be the worst kind of collaborator. She is released by a French Resistance officer. Scarred, physically and psychologically by her experience, she returns to university where she settles into a spinsterish existence as a don at Somerville College, in Oxford. Chalky returns from Greece to a humdrum life, working for his father. He is seduced by, and marries an exciting young woman who deserts him, leaving him, humiliated, deeply in debt. The two are introduced some years after the war by their mutual Greek friend, Tassos, an archaeologist. Tassos, who served with Chalky during the war, has collaborated afterwards with Lizzie. He visits Oxford for a conference and invites Chalky to meet him there. At a dinner at Somerville, Chalky and Lizzie realise they have met as children when Lizzie’s brother, Godfrey, was Chalky’s best schoolfriend. Chalky had watched, horrified, as Godfrey was killed in the first German air attack on the Greek island of Leros. Recognising each other’s pain, Chalky and Lizzie fall in love and marry. The couple decide to visit Leros to lay their ghosts. There they discover Chalky’s wartime caique, languishing on the shore. Chalky acquires the boat and lovingly renovates it. Helped by Tassos, who hailed from the island, the couple, with their children, settle to a new life there, running sailing tours between the islands with students and tourists.

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    Fiction: Adventure


    Michael Powell

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