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  • ISBN: 9781513689142

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    The New Order: Behind the Wall: Book Two





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    The New Order; the world without a wall, without a divide, where everyone lives as equals. It's a safe haven. A place of freedom. Noah Joyson believes that it's time to move on. It's time to leave the past behind, to live the life he's always craved, and the life Eve deserves. He knows they'll come for them, and when they do, he'll be ready. He'll protect Eve from the entire world. He only hopes that he can protect her from herself. 'Move on, live your life, have babies... forgive.' Not Eve Matthews' words, but theirs. All of theirs. Don't they know that she wants that more than anything? That she wants this weight to be lifted. Eve left The Beneath behind, but she left her family, too. She can't rest, won't rest. Even if she wanted to, her new friend won't let her. Her new friend craves blood, revenge and justice. Eve's new friend... the darkness, is always with her, and it has needs, too. ** The New Order is book two in a series and should be read after book one (The Beneath). This book in not a standalone. ** CONTENT WARNING This book contains elements of dark romance with regard to consensual sexual acts. There is reference to suicide and rape, but these acts are not committed. The story also contains scenes containing dubious consent, sexual humiliation, mild scenes of domestic violence and foeticide. This book is 18+ due to sexual content (including MM), violence, bullying, death and adult language.

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    Roxanna C Revell

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