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  • ISBN: 9781513693187

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    Mia and Her Story - The Fish and the Mermaid - Part 1





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    Have you ever visited Isla del Rey? It is an enchanting, magical island, apparently very quiet, pro­jected into the Pacific Ocean, where the happy and peaceful life of the well-off Alessi family begins. The destiny of the whole family is about to change drastically and give way to an unexpected and tormented secret that will overwhelm the aspiration of the whole family... and not only! Until that moment, their life is marked by Dora and Nicolai's sons: the twins Josh and Milo's adventures, and Mia’s adoles­cent dreams who has always loved spending hours on the pier of the large villa overlooking the shining ocean. Mia is about to turn sixteen and just on the day of her birthday - and debut in society - a crescendo of mysterious events mani­fest themselves from nothing, projecting her into a new world: the mysterious ocean that carried her into the deep abysses where she would find many new friends, but also many hidden dangers. At the same time back on land, the destructive force of an an­cient and implacable curse, dormant for years, is unleashed upon what remains of Mia's family, slowly leading it to oblivion. Pat is the key to everything: he could change the events, but his choices are influenced by a powerful woman. Her thirst for a vendetta will be blocked only by love, that pure love that a very special and mysterious boy will show us how to discover, putting at risk his own existence. Just when Mia will have learned to love her new reality, she will have to deal with her past that slowly resurfaces and that can destroy forever her new dreams! The unexpected will keep us hooked until the surprising final revelation that will take us to see life with new eyes. The past that returns leaves a dark shadow on our present, until awareness and acceptance illuminate the side of us that is obfuscated by rancor and free us from resentments. It will open the passage to pure love that heals every wound. Happy reading

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    Adult Education


    Claudia Pisano

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