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  • ISBN: 9781513693194

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    Mia and Her Story - The Fish and the Mermaid - Part 2





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    Dear friends and readers, are you ready to dive yourself in the final chapter of this adventure? Will Mia be able to embrace her loved ones and realize her desired dreams? New, compelling characters appear in Mia’s life - courageous, tenacious and sometimes bold protagonist - and her family. Some of them will prove decisive in understanding what ancestral motivations have divided the entire family. Seemingly inexplicable events will lead us through great dangers and irresistible discoveries in search of the essence of life. A renewed sense of freedom and happiness will take shape before us, the secret of which is contained in the way we approach everyday life and shape what happens to us. The actions of the handsome and determined Ricky, will take us back with the memory until we relive a decisive chapter — apparently buried of the past — which will instead prove to be the keystone that will take us by the hand until the unexpected final revelation, prelude to a great change. Where others see limitations, our protagonists see a resource to improve their reality and smile at adversity that skillfully transform into teaching. The meeting between Pat and Mia marks the path of a long-awaited journey from the epilogue to be discovered, which is narrated with the emphasis on the future that awaits them and constitutes the seed of the next adventure. After the lively reading of this story, we realized that only we can create our own reality and shape it, just as we want, to achieve that desired wealth. Balance is the inevitable response to a chaos that would want to deprive us of our judgment by placing us in front of a dilemma — which is instead easy to solve — despite the fact that sometimes we feel at the mercy of higher forces. When, like the protagonists of this extraordinary and magical adventure, we rely on pure instinct, we understand that we are unique and unrepeatable beings, each of us is, and for this reason the exciting final challenge between Ricky and the supreme source of his existence, full of expectation and omens will make us rediscover our ancestral dimension where you are the undisputed protagonist of your wonderful and satisfying reality.

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    Fiction: Adventure


    Claudia Pisano

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