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  • ISBN: 9781513694887

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    Modern Piano Accompaniment for Traditional Music - A Piano & Music Theory Guide





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    Modern Piano Accompaniment for Traditional Music is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow book on how to accompany traditional music on the piano using contemporary methods and harmony. One of the very few traditional-piano books in existence, it is written by Belfast piano and fiddle player Stefán Fraser, who has a background in diverse music genres including classical piano, traditional styles, and jazz. This book features a list of rhythmic techniques for reels and jigs and provides insights into matters of harmony – how to form various types of chords and progressions and how to make them sound rich and audience- pleasing by using different voicings. Chord symbols are notated for each progression, along with helpful Roman numerals for easy transposition of the harmonic ideas into other keys. The guide also covers extended harmony techniques often found in jazz music – secrets behind altered chords, substitutions...and much more. This book is primarily aimed at those who have a familiar understanding of music theory, harmony, and traditional music in general; however, the clear explanations and practical advice are a must-have resource for any musician or lover of traditional music.

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    Stefán Fraser

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