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  • ISBN: 9781513695990

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    Casca 57: The Red Rose





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    After the eternal mercenary comes to the unexpected assistance of a young English noblewoman outside Calais, he is drawn into the service of the Beaufort family just as a dynastic struggle in England breaks out. As part of the retinue of the Duke of Somerset, Casca finds himself fighting on the side of the Lancastrian faction as they struggle to vanquish their rivals of the House of York and dominate English politics. Casca’s other mission is to ensure that the noblewoman, Genevieve Fitzroy, is kept safe, but in a land riven by factional conflict and where a friend may turn sides at any time, nobody can be fully trusted to look after her when he is off fighting. Casca, however, is true to his word and will remain by the side of the Somersets, even if it means being vanquished on the battlefields of England where no quarter will be given.

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    Fiction: Historical Fiction


    Tony Roberts

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