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  • ISBN: 9781513697000

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    If Only Christmas Would Come





  • Description:

    Sarah Sprinkel knows how to jump the hurdles of a man’s world! But when a devastating accident at home threatens to crush her goal of finishing college, she must decide whether to pursue her dreams or save her small cranberry farm. The answer is easy. The only obstacle Sarah didn’t account for when she returned…Nick Saint Cloud. Nick spent the last eight years in New York City tangled in the bedsheets of society's finest, avoiding his fate and the accompanying secret that comes with it. When he’s suddenly called on to return to the family business on Prince Edward Island, it’s the last place on earth he wants to be, until a run-in with a bull-headed, braided beauty sends him reeling. After an unannounced arrival and drunken display at Sarah’s Thanksgiving dinner, Nick offers to lend a hand on the farm, and in her time of desperation, she reluctantly agrees. Damn you, Saint Cloud! He’s annoyingly charming, stupidly gorgeous, and willing to help, but Sarah can’t seem to shake the fact that his family has wanted her farm for nearly forty years. Plus, she doesn’t need a man telling her what to do! Is he playing with her head…and heart, to find a weak spot for his own gain? Just when Sarah finally begins to open up to Nick, a mysterious stranger from his past surfaces, and he disappears, leaving her alone only days before Christmas. Will the discovery of a unique gift grant Sarah’s wishes and thaw her heart? Or has Nick Saint Cloud blown his chances once and for all?

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    Fiction: Romance


    Molly Stewart, Brad Fitch

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