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  • ISBN: 9781666400038

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    Navigating the Noosphere, Book 2





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    What is the nature and relationship of humanity with the Divine, and how does that relationship inform everything else which is deemed human and physical? Considering this book a team effort between his temporal self and his Higher Self, the insights illuminated his life and had a transformative effect on his healing efforts and his beingness in the world. This second book continues the journey of factual insights and spiritual wisdom, with plenty of calls to self-reflect and incorporate the content into our own lives, ascending our consciousness across all chakras and finding a new dedicated home in the heart-consciousness for attaining our soul’s highest potential. “Navigating the Noosphere” is an important title in understanding and allowing the transition from the old world to a new understanding of how to navigate the maze we call life towards emotional, mental and physical bodies so we can surrender ourselves to the Oneness while still finding a grounded approach to daily routines. This book enables the reader to discern their very own journey of healing. It is a catalyst for readers to readjust their lives towards more authenticity and harmony. It shows how modulating their consciousness allows them to move through and tap into this unseen world right away.

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    Wolfgang Henckert

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