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  • ISBN: 9781666400588

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    Unicorn for a Day





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    On a walk home from school, a trip to the store, or playing in the park, the opportunities for adventure are limited only by a child's imagination! As grownups, we sometimes forget the world around us is filled with wonder. But through the eyes of a child, ordinary things become magical props in a wondrous story. In a hidden antique toy store, Abigail finds an old umbrella that sets her and her dad off on an imaginative journey through the park. Or is it a magical wood? Unicorn for a Day is based on a true story that happened when an otherwise ordinary walk home from school turned into a magical adventure. Join Abigail on a quest of heroic bravery, magical creatures, and yes—unicorns. When they discover someone in need, it's up to Abigail and her brave knight to save the day!

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    Fiction: Children


    Golan Vaknin, Margaret Breen

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